"Dawn At The Solar Farm" (c) Artist Jack Keough 2016
"Madam X" (c) Artist Jack Keough 2016
"You Remembered The Garter, Right Kels?"  (c) Artist Jack Keough 2016
"Resting Workers" (c) Artist Jack Keough 2015
"Forever Kisses" (c) Artist Jack Keough
"Formal Lunch" (c) Artist Jack Keough 2013
"Morning Joe" (c) Artist Jack Keough
"Trenquility Base" (c) Artist Jack Keough 2013


Artist Jack Keough has been developing his painting style for over 40 years now. And while he has constantly exhibited his work, sales have never been a priority over his prolific career. Now however, with literally thousands of pieces in his catalogue, it is time for the paintings to see the world - and vice versa! Sale prices vary and framing is available as well, so please contact us with the paintings title to check on availability and get your custom quote today!

Our goal here at is to have people enjoy the pleasure of fine art. When a piece truely moves you and speaks to you in your soul, you have achieved a higher level in the human experience. Our museum quality Gicle'e prints allow people to own thier own limited edition fine art  paper or canvas prints of the highest quality that are themselves pieces of fine art.

Fine Art Gicle'e Prints are a much more affordable way to buy the beautiful piece of art you've fallen in love with when you can't afford the originals pricing.

These Gicle'e Prints are the most accurate, museum quality reproductions available today and most are available as signed and numbered limited edition series. They are color accurate to the highest museum quality standards possible. Most prints are available in two sizes, and all are printed on the best 100% cotton rag archival fine art papers or canvas' available. Gicle'e Prints can hold and appreciate in value as fine art in thier own right.

Contact us with the painting title for size availability and a custom quote. Framing is also available by request. Please fill out the contact field here to be contacted for a custom quote.

Please and Thank You very much for your interest in purchasing some of Artist Jack Keough's beautiful fine art.



Commissions are a touchy subject, and generally a no. "I preffer working on my own extensive pile of inspiration in my easles bullpen, and shooting and developing my own images for my catalogue."   -Artist Jack Keough

However, occasionally a fan may submit a photo for consideration for a commission that "Jazzes" Jack, so you never know. Hints: Stay away from memorial paintings, your infants and pets. (Everyone thinks theirs is the cutest ever.)

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